Thermoplastic Plastic Rubber (TPR)

Extruded TPO Blend Sheet

Material # 90690

Product summary:
90690 is a TPO blend supplied in extruded sheet format. Its high impact strength, abrasion resistance and weather resistance make it suitable for thermoformed and pressure formed floor mats, shields, flares, liners, and belly pans. This product is resistant to isopropyl alcohol, anti-freeze, grease, hydraulic oil and motor oil.

Hardness : 90 (Shore A scale)
Tensile Strength : MD 1600 psi
Tensile Strength : AMD 1100 psi
Elongation : MD 1150%
Elongation : AMD 1050%
Tear Strength : MD 460 psi
Tear Strength : AMD 490 psi
Flammability : FMVSS302 Certified <20 mm / min

Recycled/Masticated Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)


Material # 24002, 24003

Product summary:
Recycled/Masticated Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), can be used in place of most general rubbers as a low cost recycled option. This product is used for spash shields, radiator baffles, or other close off shields not requiring a fluid seal.

Density : 67.5 lbs. / ft.³
Tensile Strength : Parallel to grain flow: 850 lbs. / in.² (5.9 MPa)
Tensile Strength : Perpendicular to grain flow: 680 lbs. / in.² (4.7 MPa)
Elongation : Parallel to grain flow: 175%
Elongation : Perpendicular to grain flow: 160%
Tear Strength : Parallel to grain flow: 215 lbs. / in
Tear Strength : Perpendicular to grain flow: 220 lbs. / in
Service Temperature Range : - 40°F to 250°F

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