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Federal Foam Technologies partners with leading companies in material solutions and process technologies. As an extension of our team, our partners help us meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs with the latest material offerings and process capabilities.

We are always seeking new partners in raw materials supply, cutting-edge technology, new product development collaboration, and strategic business ventures or alliances that expand both our product set and geographic reach.



Recycled foam bales


With the Federal International group of companies’ roots in recycling and sustainability, and in accordance with our value of Environment, we at Federal Foam Technologies actively seek ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our goal is zero landfill, and we responsibly recycle foam and other byproduct materials from our production process, annually diverting millions of pounds of waste. The byproducts are part of a circular economy creating raw materials that are reused in manufacturing or as Waste to Energy. Our byproducts are often resold to our foam suppliers for reuse in the process, or to the carpet underlay industry.

When and where possible, we think innovatively about recycled material solutions that help our customers build products more sustainably. When working with our OEM customer base, we try and source raw plastic materials with a percentage of recycled material, helping them reduce their footprint without sacrificing quality or performance.

Being a responsible corporate citizen has always been important to us, and if it’s important to you, let’s partner together on preserving our planet for today and in the future.

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