Porous acoustic textiles that perform in harsh environmental conditions and/or serve as decorative laminates with aesthetic features. Using certain design techniques, engineers can design high-performing acoustic textiles that are lightweight, but still provide good sound absorbing properties when used as a composite or in a stand alone configuration. Most configurations are formable which allows for three dimensional design features with durable characteristics.  Applications are far reaching from automotive wheel-well and underbody shields, to facing laminates that have aesthetic uses or have durability traits that allow for heat and acoustic properties to be applied. 

  • Utilized in composite form with other Sonus® materials and with PSA
  • Excellent stability when exposed to organic materials (gas, oil, etc.)
  • High Temperature resistance inherent to certain fibers and textiles...380°F (195°C) 
  • Sound properties can be tuned to fit your application
  • AVAILABLE in Sheets, Rolls and/or Fabricated components depending upon material construction


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