FFT carries unique materials and material composites that not only protect against conductive, convective and radiant heat energy, but can also be tailor made to provide acoustical benefits as well.

Aluminum Foil Tapes - dead soft aluminum foils combined with transparent acrylic adhesive.  This product can be used indoors or out for long-term applications.  Applications include radiant heat reflectors, water vapors, seals and various other industrial and HVAC applications.

Aluminized Fiberglass Cloth - are tough, flexible, foil-faced fiberglass cloth is used for welding protection, insulation, gaskets, expansion joints, heat shields, and containment, oven door seals, emergency fire blankets, personnel protection, safety clothing and much more.

Carbon/Fiberglass Composite Cloth - is a soft, flexible, high-temperature and flame resistant carbon/fiberglass composite cloth.  This material can be used as a high-temperature insulator in under hood applications for construction/off-road equipment, ATV/RTV, snowmobiles and more.  It doubles as a sound absorber to reduce operator ear and drive-by noise levels.  Having a soft, black texture gives this material conformability and aesthetic qualities not typically correlated with high-temperature materials.   I can perform in wet or dry environments, retaining 75% of its strength when wet.  

PRE-OX/Rayon Insulation - is soft, flexible, high-temperature, and flame resistant pre-ox/rayon composite felt.  This material can be used as a high-temperature insulator in engine compartment applications in construction/off-road equipment, ATV’s, and snowmobiles.  It insulates and dissipates heat, and can be combined with other materials (foils, pressure sensitive adhesives, foams, etc.) to address specific needs for different applications. The material is non-irritating, making it easier to work with and install than fiberglass material. Temperature resistance continuous at 500°F (260°C) to intermittent at 1800°F (982°C)

Non-Woven Fabric - this material is flame retardant, water resistant, and chemical resistant.  Primary applications include under hood facings for automotive, construction, enclosures, recreational equipment.  Its fibrous structure makes it and excellent sound absorber.

Reflective Bubble/Foil Insulation - are multi-layer foil faced radiant heat/vapor barriers.  These materials utilize the low emissivity properties of aluminum to greatly reduce heat radiated by troublesome heat sources.  Layers of polyethylene bubble pack act to isolate high emissivity materials from the aluminum to enhance its low emissivity properties.   Applications include, aircraft/aerospace, appliance, recreational vehicles, automotive, off-road equipment, generators, buildings and many other enclosures.   

Metalized PET Film - is a aluminum metalized PET film, coated with an adhesion promoting primer.  I can be applied to polyester and polyether foam surfaces.  With composites, this product will act as a radiant heat barrier (reflector) and a moisture (vapor) barrier.  It is most commonly utilized within hard surface enclosures and machine housings, automobiles, truck and bus, rapid transit cars, marine, office equipment and many other areas.  Sound absorbing characteristics, when bonded to a urethane foam, perform the best at the 300hz to 500hz range. 

Reinforced Aluminized  PET Film - is a metalized PET film reinforced by a fiberglass scrim with adhesive backed film.  This product is to be used when flame laminating to polyester or polyether foam surfaces.  The film is used in applications requiring high strength radiant heat barrier and/or a vapor barrier.  Sound absorbing characteristics, when bonded to a urethane foam, perform the best at the 300hz to 500hz range. 


  • Utilized in composite form with other Sonus® materials and with PSA
  • Product performance characteristics exceeding 1000º F (538º C)
  • Materials can be conformable, light weight and easy to work with
  • AVAILABLE in Sheets, Rolls and/or Fabricated components


  • OEM Equipment & Enclosures
  • Marine Engine Enclosures
  • Automobile Engine Enclosures
  • Off-Highway Vehicles Engine Enclosures
  • Truck and Bus Engine Enclosures
  • Recreational Equipment Engine Enclosure
  • Military Vehicles