These robust, sound absorbing film laminates can be utilitzed in a variety of applications from engine compartments to industrial enclosures. A variety of protective facings and processing techniques are available geared toward environmental applications.

PET Black Polyfilm - is an aromatic PET film that exhibits excellent resistance to petroleum based chemicals such as  gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel and many solvents.  This material can be added to polyester and polyether foam surfaces.  The resulting composites are most commonly utilized within hard surface enclosures and machine housings, automobiles, truck and bus, rapid transit cars, office equipment and many other areas.  Sound absorbing characteristics, when bonded to a urethane foam, perform the best at high frequency ranges.  

PET/Viscose Non-Woven - is a chemically bonded nonwoven fabric.  This material is flame retardant, water resistant, and chemical resistant.  Primary applications include under hood facings for automotive, construction, and recreational equipment.  Its fibrous structure makes it an excellent sound absorber. 


  • Utilized in composite form with other Sonus® materials and with PSA
  • Excellent stability when exposed to organic materials (gas, oil, etc.)
  • Predictable sound characteristics


  • OEM Equipment & Enclosures
  • Marine Enclosures
  • Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Automobile
  • Truck and Bus
  • Recreational Equipment Engine Enclosures
  • Military Vehicles