Pressure Sensitive Adhesives’ (PSA) are commonly used to bond components to surfaces that need a treatment. Certain types of adhesives bond better to low-energy surfaces like painted steel and certain adhesives bond better to high energy surfaces like plastics. PSA’s are often the most critical feature of these components and, at times, can be the most overlooked detail. With years of experience, FFT’s staff can assist in recommending the proper product for your application and also provide technical assistance in presenting and explaining the proper application techniques for assembly.

Acrylic Based PSA

Rubber Based PSA




18395 - 3 mil 18000 - Polyester Carier 18200 - Polyester Carrier
18475 - 4 mil 18300 - Tissue Carrier    
18700 - 4.5 mil 18400 - Tissue Carrier    
18400 - 5 mil      
18575 - 5 mil