State of the art flame laminator allows Federal Foam to provide more goods to market…

Federal Foam has flame laminating capabilities that will rival anyone in the industry.  With over 35 years of experience, in actual laminating and/or trading in laminated goods, Federal Foam’s laminating services will most undoubtedly surpass your expectations.   Our new flame laminator is built with the knowledge needed to address virtually any laminating opportunity.  Any of our Sonus® urethane (PU) foams, polyethylene (PE) foams, polypropylene (PP) foams, films, mylar’s, fabrics, vinyl’s, non-wovens, and many other materials are available through the flame laminating process. 

Flame laminated materials are used in wide variety of products including interior automotive and OEM seating,  headliners, interior cab fender panels, interior door panels, interior back liners, trunk liners, sound attenuating materials, orthopedic braces, footwear, garments, bedding and furniture materials, marine products.

Performance Specifications

  • Finished goods laminated width at  84.00” (2,134mm)
  • Multi-layer composite capabilities (single pass)
  • Extreme composite thickness capabilities
  • Extended roll lengths
  • Quality metrics applied to ensure highest quality goods