Federal Foam employs approximately 27 engineers and technicians company wide.  Acoustical testing, part modeling, prototyping, material and part design evaluations, site visits, material sourcing research, in-house development tools all play a major role in supporting our customers.  This provision can’t be achieved unless Federal Foam devotes financial resources to the R&D area of our company to ensure that we can deliver innovative solutions in a timely, cost effective manner.  Assigned duties directly related to the research and development of new materials plays a key role in staying in touch to what’s happening and what’s available in the raw material marketplace.  Collaboration activities, among the engineering group and sales department, are continuous to ensure we are developing our products and services to meet the market demands, not only for today, but well into the future.

Design software utilized and supported by Federal Foam is PTC Creo 2.0 along with AutoCAD.