FFT provides Dielectric Sealing (R.F. heat sealing) services to many markets. R.F. heat sealing is accomplished by sending a high frequency (heating) current through two or more layers of thermoplastic material placed between two sealing electrodes or dies. One die is shaped in the image of the required seal. The other die may have the same shape or may be a flat plate.

The dies are usually mounted on a pneumatic or hydraulic press to provide pressure for fusing the materials. The high frequency energy produces localized heating by exciting the molecules of the materials, causing them to melt, thus allowing their molecules to intermingle, where upon the pressure exerted on the material brings about a thorough fusion. The current is then shut off, the material is allowed to solidify during a brief cooling period, and the materials become joined together at the point of the seal.

FFT has the capability to incorporate custom logos and designs into vinyl and other materials.