Federal Foam Technologies Inc. Wins Environment Award
Honored for Pollution Prevention Achievements

MADISON - A New Richmond-based custom designer and fabricator of foam products has become the newest participant in a statewide program that provides companies greater regulatory flexibility in exchange for demonstrated superior environmental performance.

Federal Foam Technologies, Inc. is the tenth participant in the state Green Tier program, which is administered by the Department of Natural Resources to encourage companies to go beyond current rules and regulations to reduce their impact on the environment.

"We take great pride that our Environmental Management System has been recognized for it's accomplishments by Green Tier," said Steve Vincelli, Plant Manager at Federal Foam Technologies. "It is our hope that by partnering with Green Tier we will continue to enhance the performance of our EMS and influence other organizations to join with us and Green Tier in promoting environmental excellence. Together we can all make a difference!"

"Federal Foam Technologies is setting an impressive example for other businesses to follow by making superior environmental performance part of their business plan," said DNR Secretary Scott Hassett. "Bringing together business and environmental goals strengthens our communities, creates jobs and improves our quality of life."

Federal Foam Technologies is an industry-leading custom designer and fabricator of foam products serving the needs of the automotive, health care, packaging and industrial markets. Product uses range from hospital beds, acoustical insulation for heavy machinery, and thermal insulation for military packaging. The company has committed to changing packaging in its supply chain, reducing energy consumption, reducing production noise, and conserving resources through increased recycling efforts. In 2004 and again in 2006, FFT won the highly competitive Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment for Pollution Prevention award from the Wisconsin Environmental Working Group.

Green Tier is the first program of its kind in the nation. Green Tier enables good environmental actors to perform even better and recognizes their work, Hassett said. This allows DNR to focus its resources on those facilities that need greater attention and assistance in meeting environmental requirements.